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WATCH: This is what white privilege looks like

Here's a great video clip from Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequality. In the video, a woman discusses an incidence of white privilege and demonstrates just how much power a light completion can elicit. ORIGINAL: By Cracking the Codes. … [Read Full Article]

Tavi Gevinson Still Figuring it Out

WATCH: Tavi Gevinson breaks down feminism for us on TEDxTeen

Learn more about this revolutionary teen publisher. Visit The Style Rookie and Rookie Magazine … [Read Full Article]

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Ask a Muslim: New Web Series Promotes Understanding of a Misunderstood Religion

Ask a Muslim: New Web Series Promotes Understanding of a Misunderstood Religion It starts with interfaith dialogue—the real, unstaged, not-necessisarily-PC kind. That’s what it takes to change public sentiment about Muslims. As it is, all the dialogue in intrafaith, … [Read Full Article]

PBS Online Film Festival pic

WATCH: PBS Online Film Festival (Feb. 27-March 30, 2012)

  Watch & Learn, Great Films for Free The first ever PBS Online Film Festival has begun and 20 short films from independent film makers are available for viewing, absolutely free. Every Monday through March 30th, a new category of films will be … [Read Full Article]

Richard and Mildred Loving - Estate of Grey Villet

An Interracial Valentine’s Day: Loving Story to Premier on HBO Tonight at 9pm

  Interracial Loving I laid in bed last night, beautiful husband asleep next to me, precious fourth child (who thinks we are in his bed) sound asleep between us, and I imagined the sheer terror we would experience if a team of law enforcement officers broke down … [Read Full Article]