Web411: Community News {May 30}

    Welcome to our first edition of Web411!  Every Friday we’ll be putting together some of the top stories from around the web and sharing the links here so you won’t miss a thing.  Yes, I know it’s Monday, but I didn’t want you to go empty handed!  ;)  So, here’s some interesting posts […]

Review: ‘Salsa’ Spanish Education Program

  Nope, it’s not the kind you eat!  This kind of Salsa will have you and your family speaking Spanish in no time! I came across Salsa completely by accident.  I was having trouble sleeping one night and started channel surfing and stumbled upon the most entertaining, educational, Spanish speaking puppets ever!   Introducing Salsa! […]

Check The Box

Check The Box Our children are not black, nor are they white…they are both. They are not half of anything, but rather a whole – times two. They are living, breathing, laughing, and loving symbols of racial harmony. They are not confused, they are enlightened…and they will not be contained by one checked box to describe […]

On My Intercultural Marriage: When An African American and African Hook Up

On My Intercultural Marriage You have to look a little harder to tell with us. Our complexities don’t show on the skin. To the average passerby, my husband and I appear to be a typical African American couple, but that’s not the case. Not by a long shot. I, you see, am just as I […]

8 Ways to Pass Your Heritage on to Your Children

8 Ways to Pass Your Heritage on to Your Children As an immigrant living in the United States it is very difficult to maintain one’s culture and identity intact, since it’s only natural to be influenced by our new lifestyle and the predominant culture. However, for all of us who immigrated as adults, this influence […]

Word Power (Part 1)

Words. We all use them. Words are extremely important in helping us to explain our needs, express our opinions, communicate our expectations, and establish relationships. Correct word choice will allow us to clearly communicate with little confusion. Incorrect word choice can lead to a whole host of issues, misunderstandings being just one of them. There […]