Independence Has A Steep Price

    At least for my family it did. Being the first generation born in the United States, I have an interesting perspective on celebrating our Nation’s Independence Day. While my American counterparts were free to hang out with friends at the beach, eat bar-b-que and light up fireworks, my Cuban born family usually had […]

The Girl Effect: One Girl Can Change the World

    My husband and I recently watched a documentary titled “Which Way Home.” The documentary follows several unaccompanied child migrants as they travel through Mexico to the United States border riding a freight train they call “La Bestia” (the beast). The children ranged in ages from nine to fourteen.  Many were  traveling from El Salvador, […]

Share Giveaways, Deals & More With Us!

Going off a genius idea from one of our contributors, Jennifer Saleem, and her fellow natural parenting moms, Multicultural Familia has launched a second Facebook page, devoted solely to multicultural ‘finds’! We’re sharing our links to giveaways, discounts, deals, reviews and more that are relevant to multicultural families, and we want you to share yours […]

“What are you?”

    “What are you?” So many of us have had to deal with this question; sometimes cloaked as “Where are you from?”  Both questions can feel like a micro agression. However, their motive may simply be selfish curiosity, but often it’s a dubious attempt to categorize us into a “race” or ethnicity box. The way I […]

Growing Up In The Dark

    Imagine not having electricity during at least 12 hours of the day, every day. Think about how you cannot buy groceries that need refrigeration in large amounts because, of course, you’ll have no electricity. Now picture what would you do if you could not use the computer, play a videogame, watch TV or […]

Web411: Community News {June 24}

    Welcome to this this week’s edition of Web411!  Every Friday we’ll be putting together some of the top stories from around the web and sharing the links here so you won’t miss a thing.   News for June 24, 2011 News that journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, is an undocumented immigrant, swept the internet this week.  He […]

Intro to Natural Hair Care for Parents of Biracial Children

Intro to Natural Hair Care for Parents of Biracial Children I have recently embarked on a hair care journey with my biracial daughters natural curls. D is Caucasian and African American. Her hair was never an “issue” per se, but through trial and error we are learning what works, what doesn’t, how to properly care […]

Word Power (Part 2)

Welcome back to our series on words and their meaning as it relates to race, ethnicity, culture, and the like.  In case you missed it, here’s part 1. Racism Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. More specifically, racism means supporting or being actively invested in the continuation of a racial […]

Mothers in Higher Education

  My Story I’ve been in several socially negative categories, single-mom; divorcee; pregnant out of wedlock; young latina mom; victim of domestic and sexual abuse. None of these categories are me. When I am asked who I am, after saying my name I say, I have 3 kids, I am a student and I am […]

Family vs. Familia

My mother-in-law and I don’t have the best relationship. The biggest bone of contention has been the living arrangements. Growing up, I imagined myself with a husband and two kids, maybe a dog, but in my perfect little Anglo world, I never considered that I’d have a mother-in-law living with me, too. In-laws and grandparents […]