Father’s Day Craft Tutorial: Scrappy Self Portrait

Tutorial inspired by Better Homes and Gardens Craft



Ruby is many things, but foremost a wife and mother to her 2 little ones. She and her husband are trying to raise bilingual/bicultural little beings. She’s originally from Orange County, California, but recently moved across country after her husband completed his duty with the US Navy. They now live in New Jersey, where her husband is originally from. Ruby enjoys time with her family, visiting new places and people, all things crafty and of course, meeting other bicultural parents!  Find her on her blog, Growing Up Blackxican.




  1. J Olivarez-Mazone says

    I love this idea but alas Daddy has no hair..LOL but we can make it work :)

  2. Anonymous says

    Ruby, this is so dang cute! :)  My 8 year old (who is the artsy creative child) is going to have so much fun doing this for her Papá! :)  Thanks for the great idea, amiga. :) 

  3. Dania Santana says

    This is a great idea and it does not seems hard to do (I'm not the crafty type). I want to get AbiCool to do something for PapiCool that is more special than a simple gift. Thank you for posting!

  4. says

    This is too cool!  I can't believe how good it looks!  I just hope ours will look as cool…lol!  We're going to be working on it today.  I'll post a photo so you can see.  ;)