I Owe My Family to a 70 Year Old Argentine Man

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Realizing the Importance of Grandfathers

When my husband and I were still newlyweds, my husband’s aunt came to visit us from Argentina. After an argument with my husband during her visit, she turned around and said to me: “Congratulations, you are married to Alberto!

Alberto was my husband’s grandfather who tragically died in a car accident when my husband was just 10 years old. My husband’s aunt was referring to the fact that in so many ways, my husband was just like his grandfather, stubborn and didn’t take no for an answer. It seems that, even after losing him at such an early age, Alberto’s influence was evident in him.

By what I’ve heard, Alberto was a great man. He was a stubborn man just like my husband, but a great man. My husband tells me stories of how Alberto taught him how to play golf, how Alberto would wait for him every day after school, and how Alberto was an entrepreneur from the age of 5, when he started selling newspapers (we have the picture).

But what does this have to do with anything? Well, I probably owe Alberto for the husband and father of our kids that I have today. You see, my husband has modeled his life around Alberto and Enrique, his other grandfather. And Alberto and Enrique made sure to teach my husband about honoring his wife and his children, even though perhaps he was still too young to fully comprehend. They taught him that no matter what, family comes first.

What is really amazing about all this is how perfectly my husband has been able to balance traditional family values and still be open-minded and progressive enough to treat me as an equal and his girls as the center of his world. That is not always easy coming from a Latin American country.

So, what this post is really about, is those men who make boys into real men and fathers. It may be someone that you never imagined, like an uncle or a grandfather who teach boys to love, honor, and respect. But perhaps they are the ones that deserve our gratitude more than others because they are the unsung heroes. They are not expected to shape the children’s lives in such a profound way, but they step in to fill someone else’s shoes when the person that should be doing it is not there.

Happy Father’s Day to Alberto!  I never met you, but I know you so well.



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      Hi Jen!

      Thank you! He does! Yes, it feels like both my husband's grandfather, my mom and my grandmother (both who I lost when I was young) seem to be around us,  still very present in our family life.

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    This is so beautiful. <3  So many times we don't think about the men who have influenced our husband's and helped them to become the father's that they are today.  It's true though, that so many people influence them and for my husband, it was also his grandfather who taught him to be loving and compassionate when his father wasn't able to teach him.  These relationships are so important.  Thank you for sharing with us.  :)