What Makes a Father

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I love my husband. When I think about the reasons why I love him, one always rises to the top of the pile.  Even with all the wonderful things he’s said or done, nothing will ever compare to watching him bloom into an adoring father.  I watch him put my daughter down for a nap, gently rubbing her back and softly singing the padre nuestro or telling one of his famous off the cuff stories.  There’s a special quality to everything he does, a quality that let’s our daughter know, papi is here.  Papi is the bug catcher, the one who scares the monsters away and her curious fellow explorer.  He invites her to help with all his little projects, teaches her to be a ‘strong’ girl and relentlessly stares down those with notions that she’s anything less than perfect.

Being raised in a home where adoring men were a rarity, I know just how important it is for my daughter to have a gentle, loving father who hangs on her every word. Yes, he’s wrapped around her precious little finger and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  It’s something that not only benefits my daughter, but also benefits me as a woman and a mother.  I can’t even express how important it is to me to see my daughter’s spirit nurtured by a strong male figure.  It’s something that every girl needs during her journey to becoming a woman, and it’s something that I’m very thankful to witness.

Before having my daughter, I don’t think I could have explained what makes a man, a father.  There weren’t many examples that I could pull from my childhood, but my husband’s take on fatherhood has formed a much clearer image of paternidad in my mind.  So what is it that makes dads so great?  What is that special sway that they posses that gives our children wings?  From a mom’s perspective, here is what I know and love…


  • He’s supportive and encouraging. Our daughter loves martial arts, fixing things and all things crafty.  No matter what her interests, daddy is always her biggest fan.  He’s there with plenty of high fives, lots of hugs and kisses, and uplifting words.
  • He’s safe and approachable.  When she has a bad dream, is scared of the dark or isn’t feeling well, he’s her protector, her ally and her best snuggle buddy.  All her worries are washed away when she’s in daddy’s arms.
  • He’s consistent and reliable. No matter what, he will always be there for her.  Our daughter is his #1 girl (yes, I’ve taken a backseat…lol) and she knows it.  In both discipline and tenderness, he let’s her know how much he loves and adores her.
  • He’s a leader and a teacher. Papi loves to teach her new things and he’s always coming up with ideas for projects that she can help with.  Whether is washing the dishes, caring for her new kitty or adding decals (stickers for daddies…lol) to just about anything…papi helps her to discover new talents and build her confidence.
  • He’s patient and compassionate. Daddy takes the time to listen, put on his thinking cap and address her needs with sensitivity.  Ok, maybe to some, the kitty eating an ear off her pony is no big deal, but papi knows it’s her favorite.  He’s sees what outsiders don’t, puts the puzzle back together and secures it with matching duct tape.
  • He’s fun and creative. He’s her clown, always being goofy and doing anything to make her laugh.  Papi combs his hair with a fork just like Ariel and does a silly two step just like Megamind.  He acts out the scenes in Kung Fu Panda and shows off by balancing toys on his head.  Papi is never afraid to be silly.



  1. says

    This post makes me smile! It is wonderful to read about such a loving, caring father. Please wish your wonderful husband a Happy Father's Day from our Multicultural Familia :)

  2. Ezzy Languzzi says

    You're blessed in so many ways, Chantilly. Lily will grow up to be a confident and self-assured young lady. I hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day, amiga. Te mando un abrazo y beso desde Boston.