Biweekly Tweetchat: Ramadan {August 1}

  Monday, August 1st In this week’s Tweetchat we’ll be talking about Ramadan, a month-long observance of daylight fasting in which Muslims often hone their faith and celebrate the inspiration of the Qur’an.  Learn more about this important Islamic tradition, it’s origins and practices at our upcoming Tweetchat! Join us Monday, August 1st from 7pm to […]

Web411: Community News {July 29}

  Every Friday we’re putting together some of the top stories from around the web and sharing the links here so you won’t miss a thing.  Here’s some of the top news from the last week.   News for July 29, 2011 Bombs and shootings in Norway shook the world this week when an anti-Muslim […]

Saying Goodbye to Turkey: What To Do When Expat Homesickness Strikes

Expat Homesickness Survival Tips Ahhhh, a vacation in Turkey.  Amazing food.  Relaxing resorts. Incredible cross-cultural experiences. It’s great while it lasts.  But then we have to come home. For me and our kids the re-entry goes pretty smoothly. Sure, there’s jet-lag and a couple of days of disorientation while we readjust to life in the […]

“Ramadan Nights”: Cookbook Review & {Giveaway}

Ramadan Nights Cookbook One of Multicultural Familia’s contributors just happens to be an amazing chef! Amanda Mouttaki ( is best known for exploring Moroccan cuisine through recipes passed down from her husband’s family. Amanda’s food explorations bridge many other cultures as well and the recipes she creates and reinvents show her passion for food and […]

Interview With Medeia Sharif, Author of “Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.” {Giveaway}

Medeia Sharif is a Kurdish-American author who was born in New York. She currently lives in Miami, where she teaches high school English. She has a master’s degree in psychology and to say she’s a “voracious” reader would be understating it. I believe she’s already read 100 of the 150 books she planned for 2011. […]

Can Interracial Love Triumph through Adversity?

Can Interracial Love Triumph through Adversity? Doomed to divorce? Nowadays, everywhere you look there is news of relationships and marriages breaking up, whether it be celebrities, politicians, neighbors, friends or even family members. With a bleak 50% of marriages ending in divorce in the US today, it seems the odds are against any couple who […]

Word Power (Part 3)

  Welcome back to our series on words and their meaning as it relates to race, ethnicity, culture, and the like. In case you missed them, you can go back to read Part 1 and Part 2.   Nationalism versus Patriotism Nationalism and patriotism both show the relationship of an individual towards his or her nation. The […]

Book Review: “Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.” by Medeia Sharif

“Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.” by Medeia Sharif It has been through reading books about characters struggling to reconcile their bicultural identities that I’ve been able to validate my own experience. Two years ago, there was no way I would’ve talked about it. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t articulate how I felt and why. I mean, seriously, […]

What is “race”?

  Questions about “race” Is “race” real?  How many “races” are there?  Why does our government want to know what “race” we are?   The answers depend on who you ask. Lawyers use the legal definitions of race that coincide with hate crime laws.  Biologists refer to phenotype: the appearance of an organism based on a […]