Multicultural Celebrations: 4th of July Carne Asada

Even though I have been living in Mexico for the last 10 years, I always celebrate the 4th of July.  After all, you can take the girl out of America the beautiful, but you can’t take the proud American out of the girl.

Whenever I think of the 4th of July, three things come to mind: American flags waving in the summer air, colorful fireworks exploding in the night sky and a family barbeque in the back yard.

While many families choose more traditional fare like hamburgers and hotdogs, my family has always celebrated with a Carne Asada.

Carne Asada isn’t just grilled meat.   If you were to say, “Voy a hacer una Carne Asada!” you’re not just saying that you’re going to grill some meat.  What you actually mean is that you are going to throw a big backyard party and everyone’s invited.


Image: All Rights Reserved.


On the menu for any Carne Asada, aside from the grilled steaks and chorizo links, we have  grilled cebollitas (green onions) and delicious yellow peppers stuffed with Queso Fresco.  The latter being my all-time favorite.

No Carne Asada would be complete without a large pot of frijoles de la olla and Mexican Rice.   And of course, plenty of corn and flour tortillas.  To spice things up a bit, you’ll find Guacamole, Pico de Gallo and Chile de Molcajete

To drink, we always have various Aguas Frescas, like Agua de Sandia or Horchata.  Beer and tequila are also very popular.

As for dessert, well that’s where I prefer something a little more traditional.  Nothing says Americana more than Apple Pie or Strawberry Shortcake.

So, if you’re looking to spice things up this 4th of July, why not celebrate the holiday by hosting a multicultural Carne Asada that includes a variety of your favorite dishes!?

Happy Independence Day y que viva USA!!!



  1. Sweetlifebake says

    Thank you Leslie for the great summer recipes! Carne asada, frijoles de la olla and agua de sandia..yum!