Fourth of July Hairstyle For Kids




This Independence Day create a festive hairstyle for your little one! My daughter loves beads in her hair, so for the 4th of July I wanted to incorporate some patriotic colored beads and create a style resembling a firework.

To create this look, start with clean, detangled, well moisturized hair. Then part out a circle around your child’s head, clip the hair in the center, back out of the way and begin creating box braids.

Continuing doing this around the head for 2 rounds. Once you get to the center circle, part as if you are cutting a pizza, like so:


Image: All Rights Reserved.


  1. Down and across the center
  2. Then part an X
  3. If you find that these sections of hair are too big for your beads, part out another circle inside this one


Image: All Rights Reserved.



I used standard pony beads from Wal-Mart on all the center braids (the small red, white, blue and clear beads). I also used some jumbo white stars, and some medium barrel red, clear, and red transparent beads for the braids in the outmost circle, I made those braids bigger for these beads. I used a plastic beading tool to get the beads on the braids. I got the medium and jumbo beads, along with the beading tool fromĀ Curly Hair Princess Boutique.

To secure the beads on the braids, I take the hair and fold it up over the last bead, then add the rubber and slide the other beads down over the band. This technique holds the beads on much better than just adding a rubber band to end, most beads will slip over the rubber band.



When you use these type of rubber elastics on the hair I recommend soaking them in olive oil or coconut oil prior to use. These rubber bands can be hard on the hair and the oil lessens the chance of damage and breakage the rubber bands can cause.




If you recreate this style, I would love to see it! Feel free to send your hairstyle creations to me at

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!




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