Game App Review: “Drum Circle Kids”


Drum Circle Kids on iTunes

When Imani Powell-Razat, co-founder and designer at Spye Design opened her new iPad, her then 10 month old son took to it almost immediately.

Imani Powell-Razat of Spye Design


“The device was so user-friendly that a 10 month old could navigate it! He knew how to unlock the iPad and everything. He even had his own iTunes playlist and kept returning to the same songs: Latin Jazz, Reggae and Hip-Hop. I began downloading apps for him and immediately saw a need to create an app that reflected his cultural diversity.”


According to Powell-Razat, in her search for educational and expressive apps for her son, there were virtually none that offered the type of ethnic cultural range that she felt was so essential for him, and all children in today’s world.  “I wanted him to be able to see himself represented in the games he played.  It’s important for all children to be represented, for all children to see the world’s diversity.”  So, she got to work creating and designing Drum Circle Kids, a fun filled rainbow of smiling faces jamming on assorted drum sets, together.


The app, which allows children to experience the rhythms of drums and music from around the world, incorporates the traditional American Tom drum and cymbal, as well as the conga of Cuba, the Caribbean steel drum, the djembe of W. Africa, and the traditional Chinese red drum, each with its own unique sound, feel, and flavor.  A brief overview of the origin and significance of each drum is offered in a section that allows children to play each drum individually.  The app also showcases an assortment of nature sounds from the Central Park-esque backdrop for even more tech-toddler fun.


And stay tuned, as the app is currently being updated (release slated for mid-summer) and will soon allow users to create their own music using drum sequences and animal sounds.  How’s that for play-time?

Drum Circle Kids has been voted #25 of’s 50 Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids, rated one of the “Best New Kids Apps” by, and featured on for black music month.  Powell-Razat has also been featured on NBC’s Moms & the City.