Web411: Community News {July 29}

news Web411: Community News {July 29} society multicultural news

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Every Friday we’re putting together some of the top stories from around the web and sharing the links here so you won’t miss a thing.  Here’s some of the top news from the last week.


News for July 29, 2011

  • A Georgia mom was nearly sent to prison for three years for Jaywalking after the death of her son by a hit-and-run driver.  After a national public outcry, she was given a lighter sentence, but one must wonder, is this justice?  Especially considering her situation, the driver’s intoxication and his prior hit-and-run record.  Why is this mother being prosecuted in the first place?  Read more at MyBrownBaby.com.
  • Some really great multicultural giveaways!  MarocMama.com is giving away a FREE copy of her “Ramadan Nights” eCookbook!  Yes, this means no shipping and you can get it in time for Ramadan!  Author Medeia Sharif will give away an Autographed copy of her Young Adult Novel, “Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.“!  Also, Best-Selling author, Heidi Durrow is giving away 20 copies of “The Girl Who Fell From the Sky“!  Don’t miss out on this giveaway!


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chantillypatino Web411: Community News {July 29} society multicultural news

Chantilly Patiño

Chantilly Patiño is the publisher of Multicultural Familia and Multicultural Bloggers, and serves as the Digital Media Director for ELLA Leadership Institute, an innovative professional development platform for Latinas in leadership.Chantilly is an activist for social change and writes avidly about feminism, racism and multicultural life on her blog, Bicultural Mom.
chantillypatino Web411: Community News {July 29} society multicultural news
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