The American Muslim Project: Real Muslims Show Their Real Selves

The Foundation of The American Muslim Project The American Muslim Project (AMP) is a website full of short videos, but they aren’t just any videos. They’re videos of Muslims, talking about, well, whatever they want.  No long dissertations on Muslim-American relations. No sermons. No speeches. Just casual talk about the things that make them tick. […]

What is True & Positive: The Life of One Transracial Adoptive Family

Image Credit: White Sugar, Brown Sugar One Transracial Adoptive Family I’m carrying three bags and my six month old daughter.  Trailing behind me is my husband who is also lugging several bags, plus he’s trying to corral our two year old daughter toward the plane’s entrance. We are sweaty, we are tired, and we are […]

Familia Eats: Tamarind Tequila Grilled Molleja

©  Sweet Life Familia Eats: Tamarind Tequila Grilled Molleja In Texas, molleja, or sweetbreads, can be found at every grilling event, slowly soaking in the flavors of mesquite or pecan.  In the case we should have a guest or family member visiting, we are forced to explain what is molleja?  No, they are not brains. Molleja are the thymus […]

Ramadan con Piñatas y Churros

Ramadan con Piñatas y Churros Disclaimers: This post is multilingual, mostly Spanish and English but it does have some basic Arabic/Islamic terms sprinkled in as well. Spanish is italicized then translated. Arabic/Islamic terms are translated in parenthesis. English…well my broken American incorrect grammatical English should be able to be understood. ;) Greetings! Hey everyone, saludos […]

De Tal Palo, Tal Astilla

Higueras, duraznos, naranjas, hierbabuena, Piquin, and romero are just a few of the plants that come to mind when I think of my mother’s gardens throughout the years.  Everywhere she’s ever lived she’s left a tropical paradise behind.  None more so than at the last house we shared before I went my own way. Picture purple leaves, sprawling through the […]

Hateful Words Beget Hateful Words: Why Fox News Should Know Better

  Recently, The Cutline reported that Fox News was “forced” to shut down a news story that described President Obama’s 50th birthday as a “HipHop BBQ” due to racist comments. My first thought after reading this was “What other comments were they expecting to get?” I want to be clear on one point. I am […]

How To Give Your Child a Multicultural Education

How To Give Your Child a Multicultural Education At what age is it appropriate to marry? What time of day do you eat your biggest meal? How often do you shower or wash your hair? Where in your home do your children sleep?  These questions represent common aspects of every day life, and the answer […]

Please Don’t Tell Me How To Name My Bicultural Son

holding hands mom baby

Please Don’t Tell Me How To Name My Bicultural Son There I was with my swollen body aching, lying in a hospital bed.  The fear that was consuming me, because I could barely move my legs, was starting to show on my pale and tired face. “Dear God don’t let the epidural have consequences,” I […]

Understanding ‘The Help’: Fiction vs. Reality

Understanding ‘The Help’: Fiction vs. Reality For the last couple of weeks I have watched as both admirers and critics have frothed at the mouth over the release of the Touchstone Pictures/ DreamWorks film version of Kathryn Stockett’s fictional novel, “The Help”.  The film has been praised as a delightfully insightful piece of work, as […]

Web411: Community News {August 19}

  Every Friday we’re putting together some of the top stories from around the web and sharing the links here so you won’t miss a thing.  Here’s some of the top news from the past week.   News for August 19, 2011 Obama’s administration announced yesterday that deportations of undocumented immigrants will now be reviewed […]