Charitable Acts: Help Orphans in Marrakesh {#MobilesforMorocco}

Help by donating to orphans in MoroccoMulticultural Familia™ is a place where we share our stories and often times, those are stories that can cut to the soul and tug at our heartstrings.  We share our thoughts with you, our familia, and we appreciate the support that is returned in your thoughtful comments and advice.  Being the family that we are, this group of multicultural bloggers with roots all over this globe, we all have one thing in common…we care very deeply about our families, about important people who are dear to us, and most of all, our children.

On occasion, we may begin to take things for granted, living in America or having the opportunities that we do, but many of us also have family and friends abroad in developing nations and not always living in the best conditions.  Our familia has connections with friends and family that would fit this description and advocating for them is one of our most heartfelt priorities.

Recently, I received an email from one of our contributors, mentioning that she was working on a project to bring Mobiles to Morocco.  Amanda ( isn’t planning to donate cell phones, she wants to bring crib mobiles to orphans who live in a shelter in Marrakech.  Here is her story, which you can also find on her website’s donation page.


Donate to help orphans in Morocco

Some of the infants in Marrakesh that you will be helping.


From Amanda at

This Ramadan season I have a very special project that I am working on – Mobiles for Morocco.  My husband and I are (inshAllah) going to Morocco for a short vacation at the end of September.  As many of you know Morocco is a developing country and there is a lot of people in need.  The first time I visited and experienced children begging and mothers with their children on the street day and night my heart broke into a million pieces.  If this was what was seen on the outside, I couldn’t imagine the desperation behind closed doors.

I wrote to Nora from Life in Marrakesh, who I know has such a strong philanthropic heart to ask what would help.  What could I, no what could we do to help?

“There’s a home here for abandoned babies…..”

she wrote.  That was it, I knew that was it.  She then said the babies spend quite a bit of time in their cribs and it would be nice if they had some mobiles to look at.  Even a few that could be rotated around.

It’s so simple friends.  It’s something every American parent considers a “must have” with a little one on the way.  A recent story from the Voice of America pointed out that 6,000 babies are abandoned in Morocco every year – that’s 1 out of every 50 births.  The reasons for this are varied and are for another time.  The fact remains there are a lot of homes that are doing their best to care for these children.


Here’s what I’m asking you to consider;


They do not have to be these specific mobiles – I simply am sharing links to give some idea of what would work well.  Mobiles do not have to be new but should be in good condition, from non-smoking homes, and clean(please!).
Some other items that would be helpful;
  • clothes for girls and boys sized NB-24 months
  • baby pajamas with feet and snaps (not zippers) in cotton and heavier fabric (like terry cloth)
  • soft toys, if they have lights or play a little song – even better – something like this.


If you would like to help but prefer to send a monetary donation that would also be most helpful.  We will personally be bringing over all of the donations and I anticipate paying extra luggage fees.
Any monetary donations received will be used in this order;
  1. to purchase any items that donations come up short
  2. to pay extra baggage fees to transport items
  3. to purchase items in Morocco that the home identifies as in need
  4. as a donation directly to the home for support

Most of all I’d like to ask for your prayers.  Some of us can give in a variety of different ways but we all can give a few minutes to ask God/Allah (swt) to protect and look over these children, their birth mothers and their caregivers.


How You Can Help

Email Amanda at {amandamouttaki @} with “Mobiles for Morocco” as the subject line and details about how you would like to help.  You can also donate via the Paypal button in the sidebar on and/or grab her button to display on your website or blog to help spread the word.

If you’re unable to give, please feel free to share this story in your social networks, on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus or blog about this charity effort on your own blog!

Thank you again for all of your support!  We sincerely appreciate it and we know these children will too.

The deadline for physical donations is September 1, 2011.