Biweekly Tweetchat: Giving Back {August 15}

Image: leeander


Monday, August 15th

In this week’s Tweetchat we’re talking about giving back.  Some of our contributors are initiating their own charity work to make a difference and we’re also showing our support to organizations that are bringing relief to Somalia.  Help us make a difference by taking part in our chat, donating and spreading the word about these amazing causes!

Learn more about our contributors’ charities!  Tracey of and OBG Adventure Camps is working on The Passport Party Project to give 100 brown girls their very own passports!  Find her on Facebook and Twitter to show your support!

Amanda of is collecting crib mobiles and funding to support an orphanage in Marrakesh.  Help her to bring basic comforts to the children of Morocco!  Learn more about Mobiles for Morocco and chat with Amanda on Facebook and Twitter!

Join us Monday, August 15th from 7pm to 8pm ET for a live chat on Twitter via Tweetchat (click link to visit the chatroom) at hashtag #mculturalfam!  Follow us at @mculturalfam to learn more about these great charities and what you can do to help!


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