The American Muslim Project: Real Muslims Show Their Real Selves

the american muslim project real muslims video

The Foundation of The American Muslim Project

The American Muslim Project (AMP) is a website full of short videos, but they aren’t just any videos. They’re videos of Muslims, talking about, well, whatever they want.  No long dissertations on Muslim-American relations. No sermons. No speeches. Just casual talk about the things that make them tick. A funny story here, a rap song there. It really is a snapshot of everyday Muslims being their everyday selves.

The Importance of The American Muslim Project Important

American Muslims have been buried — by the stereotypes, the ignorance, the fear, the bias. They’ve become bearded and hijabed caricatures, political folly to keep the masses unaware and convinced. No one knows them, not on a grand scale. That’s the problem, and Ryan Nadeau (a non-Muslim) knows it.  That’s why he created The American Muslim Project.

A Non-Muslim Made This Site? Say What!

“Created by non-Muslims for our Muslim friends and family to combat ignorance and create a better America,” reads the website’s tagline. Do Muslims need non-Muslims to champion their cause? Of course not. Muslims everywhere (like the operators of Muslimness and YouRACreator) are doing the same thing with great results. That doesn’t invalidate this effort. Muslim are real people who should be accepted by all, not just other Muslims. So, when non-Muslim do things that recognize their humanity, it shows that the tide is changing. The word is getting out.

My Video

I submitted my own video to AMP for two reasons: 1.) I felt Ryan’s sincerity and really wanted to reach out, and 2.) I didn’t see many African American Muslims yet.  I wanted to up the diversity a bit and show that you can’t put any one look on Islam. In certain areas, you may not see us as much, but Muslims roll DEEP. There are over 1 billion (yes, billion, with a “b”) in the world, and we come in all ethnic backgrounds and colors.

How to Help The American Muslim Project

I don’t know that my one little video erased anyone’s religious hatred or bigotry, but I know that every new submission raises awareness and visibility. That’s always good.  If you’d like to get involved, here’s what to do.

For Muslims: Create a short video talking about yourself. End it with “I’m Muslim, I’m American, and I’m just like you,” or something along those line. Say whatever you want, as long as it’s positive.  Submit it to

For Non-Muslims: Check out the videos on AMP site. If you see a video or two that you like, share them with your friends and family.


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    This is awesome, Nadirah. I loved your video! You are very approachable, laid back and just…everyday people :-) I may use the AMP and other sites you've listed in my classroom sometime, where the kids don't have really any exposure to diversity. Where I work, it is very white/Christian; but where I live is very diverse. I wonder if I can get video of my kids and their Muslim friends playing? Muslim boys in my neighborhood love playing football and XBox 360 games just like all the other boys. All of the projects you listed are so important…and I didn't even know they existed. Thanks so much for writing about them! I've learned something today.