Podcast: Mi Abuelo, My Mentor

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One thing that my husband and I talk about a lot is mentorship.  We talk about the lack of mentors in children’s lives and especially about the lack of father’s.  I wrote a post earlier this year about the importance of fathers and the need for more men to take a greater lead in parenting.  This is a topic my husband is very passionate about.  In this podcast, he shares his experiences of growing up with an absentee father and describes the important and life changing bond that he formed, instead, with his abuelo…a man he still idolizes to this day.  He strives to live up to his grandfather’s memory and sees him as the example that every man should be measured against.  From a natural born storyteller, here is one tale among many…


Listen to the podcast (by Ricardo Patiño) :

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  1. rachel says

    I feel the same way. I live on the other side of the country from family, and am raising my son away from his uncles, etc. I had that growing up, and feel like he is missing out :(

  2. Ezzy Guerrero-Languz says

    Chantilly, this is a poignant, honest piece. Given the lack of encouragement your husband received from his parents, he is blessed to have had the love, guidance and support of his "abuelito." It breaks my heart whenever I hear anybody say that they've never once been told by a parent, "I'm proud of you." Even worse to be mocked by them. I love when he says that we all need an "abuelito" and love/support that comes without the expectation of something in return. … Thank you, Richardo!

  3. The Wise Latina Club says

    Very courageous of your husband to be so open and vulnerable, strength and confidence he learned for "Uelo"!


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