I Love THIS Man!

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He is black and I am white?


We grew up on the same planet, but in different worlds?


Our love is so much bigger than the depth of our skin, and the legacies left by our ancestors?


These are some of the several reasons why I love THIS man, and why I am so thankful for the partner that was designed  for me…and none of them have to do with melanin…


I want to take a moment to thank God for the husband He planned, created, and protected just for me. Thank You, Lord, for having the flawless insight to know that I needed him as much as he needed me.

For the nights that we would cry together, and sometimes because of each other, to be followed by the days that we knew our survival depended on one another…Thank You.

For the five times you used the blending of us to bring forth new life, and for then entrusting us with those lives…Thank You.

For letting me know him as a young man and now a more mature man, and for the hope that I will know him as an old man…Thank You.

For letting us know early on that we could survive any storm, and for bringing us through the storm to see the sunshine…Thank You.

For the pitter-patter of little feet racing to see their Daddy when they hear his keys jingling in the front door after work, and for developing that provider in him…Thank You.

For the way the crook of his beautiful neck smells like it was made just for me, and for the way my skin tickles when I inhale him…Thank You.

For the silly dancing he does in our family room when an old school favorite comes on, and for the way he doesn’t miss a beat as the kids and I jump up to join him…Thank You.

For the continual weaving of blessings in and out of every part of our lives, Lord Jesus, and for the way that weaving binds us closer to each other and closer to You…THANK YOU!

I love you, Mr. Sparrow!