Dragonfly All-Natural Handcrafted Soaps Review

Image Credit: dfsoaps.com


Natural skin care products are just as important to me for my family as good, nutritious food is. As the saying goes “if you can’t eat it, it shouldn’t go on your skin”. I try not to put any products with potentially harmful ingredients in them on our bodies. I recently came across a company that makes all-natural handmade soaps. Dragonfly Soaps is an eco-friendly company that makes handcrafted all-natural soaps. No toxic chemicals are created or disposed of by this company! Dragonfly Soaps is a member of Green America and the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild. They print they’re labels and and other printed materials on recycled paper. They either recycle their leftover slivers and end cuts from their bars of soap or donate the larger cuts from their soaps, nothing gets thrown away! I loved this company before I even tried their soaps!


Image Credit: Untrained Hair Mom

They have a variety of scents available in several different catagories: Unscented, Earthy & Mysterious Soap, Workhorse Soap, Almost Edibles Soap, and Lavender & Flowers Soap. With all the choices it was hard to pick which 2 bars I wanted for my review. I ended up choosing the Oatmeal Almond and Patchouli Lavender. The Oatmeal Almond has a hint of nutmeg added, and smells wonderful. The oatmeal in the soap acts as a gentle exfoliator. The Patchouli Lavender was heavely! I love both scents and together they are amazing! Both of these soaps smell great! Each bar is handmade from saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm and shea butter and also have different essential oils depending on the scent. These are gentle, very moisturizing, all-natural soap bars, I use them to wash my face with and they are perfectly fine to use for my children. They leave the skin feeling soft and smelling great for hours.


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Image Credit: dfsoaps.com

[This review is re-published with permission by Untrained Hair Mom]