Who’s Who in the Mixed Race Community

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Who’s Who in the Mixed Race Community

The Mixed Experience includes broad categories such as:

  • cross ethnic adoption
  • inter-ethnic dating and marriage
  • personal stories and defining identity for multi-cultural folks, multi-national folks & multi-ethnic folks


Here are some of the popular sites to learn more and participate in the Mixed Experience.  All of these sites are completely free.

Pod Cast | Webcast
Mixed Chicks Chat with Heidi Durrow and Fanshen Cox
Subscribe to their podcast or tune in live to their weekly webcast Wednesdays at 2:00 pm PST or 5:00 pm EST.

Michelle of Is That Your Child?
Listen via prerecorded episodes, podcasts or a live weekly show by following her on BlogTalk.
Following her will give you the option to receive an email reminder about the show.

Scholarly Research
Mixed Race Studies . org curated by Steven F. Riley. He has assembled the largest collection of scholarly articles, along with a good collection of videos on mixed race topics.

Online Newspaper
The Hyphenated Life by Francie Latour of the Boston Globe

Multicultural Family Open Group
Critical Mixed Race Studies Open Group
Swirl Open Group

YouTube videos
Mixed American Life on YouTube curated by yours truly. I have put together a collection of playlists on a wide variety of topics on the Mixed Experience.

Twitter & Blogs
Francie Latour of Caramels on Maple Street
TejaArboleda of Race Pizza
and many more



  1. Anonymous says

    I also really enjoy Love Isn't Enough (formerly known as Anti-Racist Parent) at http://www.loveisntenough.com It's a great site for parents who want to raise children in an anti-racist manner. 

    Thanks for these links! I'm going to check them out.