The Real Mexican Independence Day

mexican flags

Image Credit: Flickr / Edu-Tourist


To celebrate Mexican Independence Day (independence from Spain), my wife, kids, and I went to a well-known Mexican restaurant.

Not to our surprise, we found no fiesta. When we asked why there were no mariachis, the hostess didn’t seem to know what we were talking about. This made me think of how often Americans seem to think Mexico’s independence from Spain is Cinco de Mayo, when in fact Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla fought between the French occupying forces and the Mexican Army in 1862.

The real Mexican Independence Day is September 16 — the day the war began in 1810, against the “mother country,” Spain.

The battle was between the Creoles (Spaniards born in the new world), Mestizos (Spanish Amerindian mix) and Amerindians against the Spanish imperialists. The war continued to 1821.

Here is the land area of New Spain that was to become Mexico in 1821.