Contributor Spotlight: Jen Marshall Duncan – Wife, mother, teacher, blogger

Multicultural Familia is a place where individuals can learn more about families like theirs and find new perspectives from parents around the globe.  As part of our mission, we are proud to showcase the personal stories of real families who are multicultural like you.  Learn more about our multicultural contributors in this special Contributor Spotlight […]

Knowledge Conquers Fear: October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month

The following post is written by Laurita Tellado, journalist and author or  This post is part of a blog carnival fundraiser for Laurita’s Walk-n-Roll group through the Spina Bifida Association of Central Florida.  To participate in this blog carnival, learn more here.  Thank you so much in advance for your support!  UPLOAD YOUR POST  – ### […]

New Latina Connects Leading Digital Latino Influencers as Partners for “Walk-n-Roll for Spina Bifida Blog Carnival Fundraiser”

  The Collaborative Partnership of Eleven (11) National Organizations Marks the First of its Kind as it Seeks to Support the Founder of “Holdin’ Out For A Hero” During Spina Bifida Awareness Month WASHINGTON, DC (Oct. 24, 2011) – Under the leadership of New Latina, a bicultural lifestyle and online destination centered on personal growth for today’s […]

Traveling the Globe with Hartlyn Kids

hartlyn kids travel books, multicultural education, global learning

Travel Books for Kids I love how global travel is always a learning adventure one way or another.  In fact, I think global travel can be life changing for so many different reasons.  If this world were mine (a girl can dream), I would slip into a dreamy gold dress and wave my powerful magic wand […]

The Hapa Community & Kip Fulbeck

  Part of the Mixed Community is the Hapa Community. What is a Hapa, you ask? Hapa is Hawaiian  for “half”. The term became popular in Hawaii first as “hapa haole”, which means “half white”. Hapa is most often used in a positive light. Hapa haole however is sometimes used as a put down. The first […]

Her Words, Her Voice

  Her words, her voice… “He loves me… I just have a big mouth and you know it… he is just stressed out… he didn’t mean to… he said sorry… mind your own business! I love him though… I don’t think I can go back to him, he choked me when I tried to leave […]

Sisters Network: Breast Cancer 5K Walk

Image Credit: Sisters Network Inc.   The Sisters Network is a national African American breast cancer survivorship organization. The mission of the Sisters Network is to raise awareness of the devastating impact breast cancer has on the African American community. Did you know? The breast cancer mortality rate for African American women is 36% higher than white women. […]

FRONTLINE Presents “Lost in Detention” {Airs Tonight – Oct.18}

  FRONTLINE Presents “Lost in Detention” Tuesday, October 18, 2011, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS @frontlinepbs Last year, the Obama administration set new records for detaining and deporting immigrants who were inside the country illegally. The government plans to best those numbers in 2011, removing more than 400,000 people. In partnership with […]