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What is Mommy Jingles?

Towards the end of 2010, I got a little giveaway happy and was entering giveaways right and left. They were all for products or services that I genuinely was interested in but a lot were things that I had never heard of or come across in my internet travels. I started winning little things here and there which was wonderful but honestly, I had not yet won something that I was absolutely blown away by. And then Mommy Jingles came along.

I saw a contest posted on one of my favorite Facebook pages for a giveaway for an online video course that helps parents learn not only how singing through the day can help ease children through transitional times but also make tasks such as bathing, teeth brushing, and getting dressed less stressful and more entertaining. I was excited to learn more about this course and decided to enter the giveaway. Much to my surprise and pleasure, I won!

Mommy Jingles was created by Amy Robbins-Wilson, a talented author, singer, and natural parent. The course is designed to help mothers move creatively through their days with their children by utilizing song and verses. Having worked in a Waldorf preschool, I knew how effective singing could be in guiding children. As the mother of a soon-to-be toddler I was frequently singing to her but needed some additional inspiration and ideas. Amy’s program turned out to be a perfect match for me!

Amy’s songs are very easy to learn, easy to remember, and FUN!  She literally has a short little jingle to help ease you through every part of your day with your child. The songs can be used from birth through the preschool years. I can carry a tune but even for those of you who think you are tone deaf, this course is still an amazing resource. Plus, Amy makes you feel good about your singing ability no matter what level you’re at.

Amy presents her course via a series of short videos in which she demonstrates the songs in action. She also provides downloads with the lyrics. Many of the songs are created around popular tunes so they are very easy to pick up. Amy also provides you with the opportunity to download a “cheat sheet” of sorts. These great little index size cards serve as reminders of the jingles and you can post them anywhere to help you as you are getting into the rhythm of using song in your day.

I really enjoyed the course and although Tiny was already 21 months when I began, I was able to use 70% of the material. I am still using it today. Tiny really loves the songs and knows that they represent a transition to the next part of our day.

I could go on and on and on about all of the other resources Amy offers but since THIS post is about a giveaway for her Mommy Jingles course, I will trust that you visit Amy’s various sites where you can take advantage of FREE resources (and you will want to…trust me. Her podcasts are awesome!) I have included links at the end of this post.


Interview with the creator of Mommy Jingles

Before we get to the giveaway, I asked Amy to share a little about herself and her fabulous contributions. I hope you enjoy her responses.

Can you give us some ideas on how parents can use singing during challenging times of the day with young children. How can singing ease difficult transitions to, say, bedtime, or separating at daycare?

As parents it is tempting to nag.  When nagging doesn’t work we get louder.  But kids tune us out if they don’t want to hear us.  Music speaks to a different part of the brain.  If you really need your child’s attention sing their name!  You will be amazed at how quickly they react.

Having songs to use for transition times gives your child a framework to understand the world.  It tells them that “Hey, she is singing!  Something important is about to happen!”  When used regularly these Mommy jingles serve as cues and your child feels empowered because they understand what is going on!

Having a regular bedtime routine is really important and so easy to do with song.  Mommy Jingles takes you from bath time, through tooth brushing, to bedtime and gives you song suggestions for each.

We all know about separation anxiety.  I created “As I go” for just that reason.  I incorporate hand gestures into it and you can learn those in the video on that page.

What would you say to a parent who thinks that she can’t sing, or considers himself tone deaf?

You can still make music with your children!  My husband would say that he is not a “singer” but he makes up the best raps and chants with my son.  They keep me in stitches!  The most important thing is not what you sing, but that you try!  Your example teaches your child that music comes from people not just from machines and “professionals.”  If they see you creating then they will grow to be creators not just consumers and that is something to sing about!

I know that you are a woman of many talents and that you have a lot to offer parents. Tell us a little about your CD’s and book. 

Thanks so much, Jennifer.  My book Transformational Mothering-A Prayerful Companion for New Mothers was written during my first years as a new mother when I was facing post-partum anxiety and some serious blues.  Through writing I came to see my first year as a new mother as a rite of passage and a transformational event.  Once I knew that I was going through a transformational event I could embrace the ups and downs as an adventure.  That writing and my music got me through some very trying times.  It is hard to be sad when you are singing the “stinky pants dance!”

My CD, The Divine Hours of Motherhood, is made up of original lullabies and prayers for a mother’s day.  Both this CD and my book were honored with a Mom’s Choice Award in 2010.  Lullaby and Goodnight is a CD of 33 lullabies and is the only lullaby CD you should ever need. I made a short video to go with it so that people can learn the best, easiest and most effective ways to  use music with their children.  Lullaby and Goodnight and the video are both free when you buy Mommy Jingles.  I also have a recording of healing music entitled Circling, and I am currently working on a project for parents of “angel babies” who died in utero or soon after being born.

On a personal note, what inspires you as a parent? What do you find most rewarding?

I love learning from my son.  I love that he makes me a better person.  I love that he just cracks me up and that we share big laughs and crazy dances together.  I love to follow his curiosity and see how he thinks.  Family traditions and daily rhythms and rituals are important because I know I am helping to weave his world.  It is just wonderful to see who he is unfold.

What motivates you to create tools to help other parents? 

 The first time I held my son he was already a day old and in the neonatal intensive care unit recovering from our emergency birth due to a placental abruption.  I was so grateful that we were both alive that I promised God that I would do all that I could with my talents and abilities to serve other mothers and new families.  Each day I work to make good on that promise and each day I am excited to connect with those I hope to serve.  Nothing makes me happier than hearing that my work has made a difference to someone.

These days, there is a lot of “everything and anything” out there aimed at aiding parents in their journey. It is so hard to choose what to spend our hard earned money on. What sets your Mommy Jingles course, book and/or CDs apart from the rest?

You are so right, Jennifer!  One of the things that makes me crazy is the focus on having things educate our children rather than parents.  The marketing machine is designed to disempower parents and make them think that they need something.  Parents need fun, fast and easy skills not things.  Mommies and Daddies are better than Mozart!  My work focuses on empowering parents to be the best that they can be with just their voices and their own two hands.  Kids don’t need the stuff.  What they need is your best YOU!  Mommy Jingles gives parents skills that they won’t get anywhere else and it helps them feel great about their parenting so that their kids can feel great about them.
Pretty amazing woman wouldn’t you agree? As promised, here is where you can find Amy!

Learn more about the creator of Mommy Jingles.

You can also learn more about Amy’s jingles at Lullaby Link and Angel Baby Lullabies, for those who have lost a child.

Connect with Amy on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin.


And now – for the GIVEAWAY!!!!! Amy is generously offering one VERY LUCKY reader a FREE Mommy Jingles course. Yes, the ENTIRE 8 WEEK course…for free. That is a $147 value. And you get all the great bonus material too! Seriously…this is a can’t miss giveaway!




  1. says

    This is great!  This is something that my mom used to do with us when we were little…although it didn't really have a name.  I loved it and it never failed to make us feel special and serve as another way she could show us how much she cared.  This is such a great relaxing technique for all parents to use with little ones, especially when you have more than one…it's a great wrangling tool because it feels much like playing a game.  I would love to learn more of these songs to share with my daughter.  :)

  2. Helena Sorus says

    I would be so happy to win this! I have a six-month-old son, who is the most delightful creature. I sing to him throughout the day, and he responds so well to that, but there are definitely parts of the day when I feel I could be serving him better if only I could remember to be less frenzied. I am a firm believer that we don't need much stuff to raise good children.

  3. Brooke H says

    I would love to win this because I have a 10 month old and he loves to be sung to, this would be awesome

  4. rach says

    I need inspiration on how to deal with those challenging moments with my two girls ages 1 and 3.    Thank you for doing this giveaway!!!

  5. Helena Sorus says

    I am really excited to get a chance to do this course! My boy is just starting to crawl, which is so fun, but it makes everything just a little more challenging: nursing, sleeping, changing clothes. He wants only to practice.
    Thank you so much for this giveaway!