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Travel Books for Kids

I love how global travel is always a learning adventure one way or another.  In fact, I think global travel can be life changing for so many different reasons.  If this world were mine (a girl can dream), I would slip into a dreamy gold dress and wave my powerful magic wand and enforce global citizenry worldwide.  Bippity Boppity Boo!  (Whispering: And an extra Bippity for America where only 30% of the entire US popluation have passports.)  I might even have to don a top hat for good measure.  #sillyme

I would make sure that every birth certificate issued had a passport to go along with it (like April).  I would decree that traveling outside of the US on at least one school trip as early as middle school and then again in high school become mandatory.  I would insist that one year of travel take place between high school and year one of the student’s next level of education or work.  I would make a proclamation that language classes begin in kindergarten and end in college and that learning at least one other language fluently is mandatory.  At a minimum, this is what I would do.  But as you can tell by the gold dress and all, I’m just dreaming over here.

But I think dreaming has its place.  And so do Aisha Greene and Christine Mills of Hartlyn Kids, independent children’s book publishers dedicated to exposing children and their parents to the diversity of cultures around the world.  Is that not what dreams are made of…books?  The whole Hartlyn Kids vibe is absolutely perfect. And I am so in.

I was asked to review The Bamboo Dance, a delightfully global children’s book written by Philipina native Cress Sia and illustrated by American artist Lisa Butler.  I was asked to review The Bamboo Dance because I’m bonkers about global learning and exposing kids to culture, diversity, humanity and travel, the tenets of®…and particularly at an early age.  And that’s what Hartlyn Kids does.  Even at my girls travel camp, I always have some type of culture-sharing activity going on so you can see why this Brown Girl and Hartlyn Kids are definitelty on the same page.  #punintended

The Bamboo Dance is the story of little Diego and his BFF Paco who live in the Philippines.  It is the story of how BFFs team up to ultimately learn that age old lesson:  Practice makes perfect.  Check this out:

Hartlyn’s aim is to publish books designed to give a true and authentic snapshot of the day in the life of a child from various regions around the globe. The books are not only representations of the culture of the region but [each book is written by a local author with immediate access to local knowledge]. I like that children get to see other children in far away places with just as many similarities between them as there are differences.  More perfection.

Hartlyn Passport!

And yes, there’s more.  Learning new words like tinikling, sari-sari, sampaguita and fiesta are introduced as Learning Tools within the back pages of The Bamboo Dance and a passport comes along when you order your first book.  A passport!  Isn’t that great?!?!?  Of course it’s not a real passport, but it’s a fun little replica.  Each country-specific children’s book comes with its very own passport stamp meant to be placed inside the cool new passport.  If that’s not up my alley, then I don’t know what is.  Crazy cute.  I absolutely love it!  Hartlyn Kids not only teaches children about culture (and maybe even the indirect lessons in tolerance that bedside travel might bring about), but allows children to use their imaginations to transport themselves to the Philippines…to India…and hey, maybe even to France one day…and in some cases even before they’ve been on their very first real-life global adventure.  I know I’m an adult and all, but the truth is…I can’t wait to see where Hartlyn Kids will take us next.

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  1. says

    i would LOVE to have this book because very few books about the philippines or filipinos are available for my children in the US.  we still have family overseas so i always request books for them… it takes a while but it's worth it… i hope the series is successful! can't wait to see what books are forthcoming!  :)

    • Aisha Greene says

      Thanks for wishing us success –  we really appreciate the positive feedback.
      Aisha from Hartlyn Kids

  2. Luckyfatima says

    I would love this book because for me multicultural parenting is about teaching my child awareness and value of the diversity of humanity, and this book (and the series) would be a great tool to  help along the way with that goal. The book series also stands out as unique to me because it was written by authors from the countries featured in the series. I am looking forward to more! Thanks-Fatima

    • Aisha Greene says

      Aisha from Hartlyn Kids here – we really want our books to be authentic so local authors are quite important for us. Thanks for entering

  3. Lhs10 says

    The Bamboo Dance sounds wonderful and I love the concept of Hartlyn Kids. The Bamboo Dance would be a great addition to our multicultural learning as we have Filipino neighbors and our children love going over there and even our son who has oral sensory issues loves their pancit!  We share our Spanish and Tagalog vocabulary with each other and would love to explore each others cultures further.  Thank you for having sucha a great giveaway. 

    • Aisha Greene says

      Aisha from Hartlyn Kids chiming in – I love pancit too! This sounds like it would complement your library well. Good luck!

  4. says

    My 7 year old son LOVES learning about different places and cultures (takes after his mom!) I know he would love any of these books!  I think that there should be a book about Morocco (of course!) coming soon because there isn't much in the market for kids about Morocco.

    • Aisha Greene says

      Aisha from Hartlyn Kids here! Noted – Morocco would be a great place for our stories to "visit"!

  5. says

    I'm extremely excited about helping my children (ages 4,6, and 14) learn about other cultures. I would love to read a book about Brazil with them. We just watched Rio and they loved it! This book would be a great addition to our library. I hope we win!!

  6. Sharnise Johnson says

    I'm so excited!!!! I won the giveaway!!!! I can't wait to "take" my kids to the Philippines!!!! Thanks so much!!

    • Aisha Greene says

      Congrats. Please consider using the coupon code to purchase your "trip" to India as well – that book is also now available for sale.

    • says

      Yay!  Sharnise, we're so excited for you and thanks so much for entering!  This series is so unique and I'm so glad to be a part of it and bring your family with us on this journey!  We'll hope you'll continue to follow us and Hartlyn Kids as we grow.  :)  CONGRATULATIONS!