The Beauty Gap: Dolls of Color for Girls of Color

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The Beauty Gap: Dolls of Color for Girls of Color

I recently stumbled across this initiative after exploring the blog of a connection that I made at Blogalicious.  Myra, the publisher behind Children’s Focus, also writes her own personal blog about a variety of topics that relate to children of color.  Her blog, Maple Sugar Child, discussed the non-profit organization Beauty Gap.  She also included a video in her post, which you can find at the bottom of this post.

The story about Beauty Gap was recently featured in Glamour’s Top 10 College Women series, with Amber Koonce, the founder of Beauty Gap, as their pick for The Social Entrepreneur.

I love this initiative because as we know, there are a flood of images and conversations in the media that judge women based on Western beauty standards.  I personally don’t want my daughter to grow up believing that her appearance is less desirable or only for the purpose of objectification.  Giving our children dolls of color is paramount because it tells them that these images are valued, beautiful and something worthy of emulation.  My daughter is beautiful and playing with and caring for dolls that look like her are one way that I can make that point to her every day.  Read more of my thoughts about the importance of dolls of color.

What is the Beauty Gap?

Below is the description from Amber’s website:

The Beauty Gapinitiative seeks to give dolls of color to children of color around the world.

In Africa, a gap between a woman’s two front teeth is considered the standard of beauty, and is known as the “beauty gap”.

While living in Ghana for two months, Beauty Gap founder, Amber Koonce, realized that none of the young girls she saw were carrying dolls that looked like themselves.

By providing dolls of color for these young girls to adore, Beauty Gap seeks to promote self – love among girls of color in a world dominated by the Western standard of beauty.

To learn how you can get involved or to donate to the Beauty Gap, contact Amber at   You can also find the Beauty Gap on Facebook and on Twitter @BeautyGap.  Keep up with Amber’s progress by reading her blog.