Saying “Thank You” for the Little Things

Image Credit: Flickr / honor the gift



Thanksgiving is one of my favorite celebrations. Why do I love it? I love it because it’s a holiday that sets aside religions, cultural or political differences to allow us to say thank you to the good things, moments and experiences we have enjoyed and learned from during the year. In the last twelve months, I have witnessed many of my clients’ experiences and walked with them while doing my lawyering work.

However, it is their strength, faith, hope, tenacity and goodwill that keep me going and make me stop daily to say thank you to the life that I have had the opportunity to live, to say thank you for having a supportive husband, kind children, a loving family, a great friend and business partner, bright colleagues, food on our table, clothing to cover us from the environment, peace in my heart and mind, and the health to age holding my husband’s hand and watch my children grow.

But, it is easier to ask “Why me?” most days. Why am I going thru this? Why didn’t get what I wanted or wished for?

Too often, we forget that the manner in which we face our dilemmas, will determine how successful we are in life. In the last 12 months, I have seen people asked for asylum because they are afraid to be killed if they are returned to their home country.  I have seen clients with very ill children that still keep a smile on their face and kindness in their hearts.  I have seen couples getting divorced after many years of building a family an people facing deportation while family members become ill or pass away.  I have also seen people being abused and victimized by others because they did not have “legal papers.”

These clients have taught me, for the last year, that life is not always bad or negative.  They have taught me that we need to do our best to run the extra mile for them and our families.  They have taught me that you gain respect when you offer it and to work hard without setting our loved ones aside.  They have also taught me that the simple act of saying “thank you” each day for the little things can make our lives a great work of art.

I truly beg you to stop for a few minutes and think about all the things that you have to be thankful for. We are lucky to have our families, to be living in a great country where we have protection and access to justice, where our children in some shape or form will receive public education and care.  We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to make the next day a better day, our children happier children, our spouse feel appreciated, our parents loved and our country a better country.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!