Fun Holiday Recipe: Tortilla Snowflakes with Cajeta

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Tortilla Snowflakes with Cajeta

Looking for a fun holiday recipe to create with the kiddies during the winter months?  Here’s a super simple recipe made with tortillas and cajeta.

Cajeta is a thick sweet sauce made from goat’s milk.  The sweetened milk is boiled down until it reaches a deep caramel color.  Cajeta can also be sold flavored with vanilla, nuts, coconut  or wine.  Drizzle it over ice cream, crepes, pancakes or use to sweeten your coffee.

In this recipe we’ll use a generous glaze of cajeta to hold these delicate tortilla cut-outs together and add some devilishly decadent sabor to this Mexican-inspired holiday treat!

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Enjoy with coffee or milk!



  1. Muy Bueno Cookbook says

    I love this Vianney. I will make some of these with my kids next week when they're off for Christmas break. I love cajeta made fresh. Wish me luck in finding goats milk here in Germany~Vero

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