We’ve Reached An Agreement on Santa!

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This is part two of Stacy’s Multicultural Christmas story.  Read part one, “Debating What to Do About Santa“.


After my recent post, Debating What to Do About Santa, I’ve gotten tons of feedback.  Thanks to everyone who took the time out to personally call, text, and email your thoughts.  I truly appreciate it.  You all have given me so much to think about.  My hubby and I had a long discussion about this whole Santa thing and came to a decision.

We have decided to go along with introducing Santa to our baby girl.  However, as I told my hubby, under some conditions.  These stipulations include teaching our daughter the real meaning of Christmas, and making sure it doesn’t get lost in the commercialization of the holidays.

I know that she’s way to young to understand the true meaning of Christmas.  But it’s something that we’ll teach her as she gets older.  Since we’ve decided to incorporate jolly ol’ St. Nick into the festivities, I think it’s only right that we also educate her about the origin of the guy everybody now calls Santa Claus.

As her daddy did as a child, Princess will leave out cookies and milk for Santa.  She’ll also have her picture taken with him each year.  As you can tell by these pics, she was overcome with emotion. lol.

multicultural holidays


We’ll play along with this fantasy and I’ll try not to let the cat out of the bag.  If it ever becomes too much for her, I have no issues with tailoring the holidays to suit her.  Sometimes all this hoopla can be a bit overwhelming to some kids.  We would never want the be the kinds of parents who over-indulge in all the Christmas excitement.

Even though we’ve decided to introduce Santa to our baby girl, we don’t want this experience to be overshadowed by the fact the Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ.  She’ll get plenty of gifts, but she’ll also learn about the importance of giving back and showing appreciation.

Our main focus will also be celebrating the holidays with close family and friends.


How will you be spending the holidays?  If you’re also debating on whether or not to introduce Santa to your little ones, hit me up!


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