Language Learning Fun with El Perro y El Gato

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Ring in the New Year with El Perro y El Gato!

HBO Latino’s wildly fun series about the best friend duo, Perro and Gato is sure to be a family favorite.  The bilingual children’s video series, which debuted last fall, is now releasing it’s second series of installments.  Learn more about El Perro y El Gato.

I just love this video series and nothing else has really taken on it’s own place in our home like El Perro y El Gato has.  Yes, we love Dora, Diego and Handy Manny, but El Perro y El Gato has somethings special for the little ones…humor.

El Perro y El Gato is funny, it’s cute, but most of all…the series harnesses both of these qualities in a way that makes language learning fun and entertaining for our little ones!

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The DVD set (a $38.90 retail value) includes four installments: 

El Perro Y El Gato: The Adventure Begins – “Meet El Perro y El Gato. In their debut show, they introduce pre-schoolers as well as older brothers and sisters to their non-stop world. With lots of vibrant colors and plenty of attitude, these two best friends – a dynamic dog and a laid back cat – create wonderful adventures from the beach to the zoo to the first day of school. And everything is in English and in Spanish. El Perro y El Gato is a totally fun way to learn both languages!”  (Approximately 19 minutes.)

El Perro Y El Gato: Unleashed – “What could be more fun than hanging out with an unstoppable dog and a taking-it-easy cat, and learning a new language along the way? Their worldviews may be different, but they’re still best friends, and totally bilingual. In Unleashed/Sin Correa, El Perro y El Gato make some beautiful music, do a little yoga, walk us through all four seasons, and welcome a new baby to the family. Plus, lots more. But whatever they are up to, it’s always fun.”  (Approximately 25 minutes.)

El Perro Y El Gato: Together Again – “Take a trip with El Perro y El Gato as they pack for a vacation in the wild, wild west and the hills of Hollywood. Don’t forget your sunglasses! And the adventures don’t end at the airport! It’s non-stop action as our gregarious dog and unflappable cat figure out what it means to be best friends – and pass on a few bilingual lessons, of course. Learning a new language has never been so much fun!”  (Approximately 25 minutes.)

El Perro Y El Gato: From Here to There “Who wants to be an astronaut? Or a vet? Or go on a jungle adventure? Then join up with El Perro y El Gato, two best friends who go from an under the sea encounter with an octopus to a not-quite-ordinary trip to the supermarket. Wherever they go, it’s always fun, and always in English and in Spanish. This dog and cat are going places!”   (Approximately 25 minutes.)

HBO Latino also offers an equally fun four book collection of El Perro y El Gato in their eShop.


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  1. says

    I would love to win el perro y el gato, I am always looking for good material for my kids for learning to talk and I think el perro y el gato are super cute for them! thanks!

  2. says

    I would love to win el perro y el gato for my daugther! wowwwwww this is a great giveaway.. !! I love using bilingual material to enrich her vocabulary

  3. says

    I like the "Supermercado" episode because it has words my kids and I can use regularly. I really want to win this. I'm getting very frustrated lately with my eldest. She is just not speaking to me in Spanish and I feel like she is even losing some of the Spanish that she had learned. I'm the only one that speaks it to her so she doesn't have much motivation.

  4. yourpotofgold says

    I would love this for my little girls. What a great resource. My favorites was the vacation episode. I love that el gato is always hungry. It kind of made me hungry. Ha Ha. Gracias por la oportunidad.

  5. ILYQuintero says

    I have a five year old and this look alike a great gift for the little ones. We certainly need more shows that cater to the cognitive and educational needs of our children. My daughter understands Spanish but chooses to speak English; I am working on this with her because I certainly don't want her to lose her ability to speak it! Thanks for sharing this! Great videos!

  6. Amy B says

    loved Supermercado video because of the great vocab! i teach spanish in my classroom and these videos would be such a fun way to teach!