Removing an Autism Diagnosis Would Likely Revoke Access to Necessary Services


  Some upsetting news this past week is making those in the Autism community very worried.  The reality is, that many essential services may no longer be available to parents of higher functioning Autistic children.  What does that mean?  Well, it’s hard to say what changes will come specifically, but it could mean that a lot […]

A Natural Hair Story: From Natural to Relaxed and Back Again

This is my oldest daughter. She was born with straight, fine hair. As she got older it started to get curly. And then it got curlier. I found a book called It’s All Good Hair and tried to learn how to put her hair in protective styles. When she was little, it was easy to do her […]

Biracial Parenting: “For the Last Time, She’s Mine!”

© “Is she yours?” My hubby and I have always planned on having kids.  I knew that starting a family wouldn’t be easy.  I’m not just referring to the financial aspects of raising a child.  I’m talking about how our children would be perceived. There was a good chance that our child would have […]

Join us for a Passport to Africa Twitter Party with Hartlyn Kids!

  We’re Throwing a Party! Multicultural Familia is excited to announce that we’re throwing a party/fundraiser with our friends at Hartlyn Kids! I’m not sure if you’ve been following the buzz on their Facebook and Twitter pages, but Hartlyn Kids is preparing to break ground on a NEW MULTICULTURAL CHILDREN’S BOOK!  By now, you’ve guessed […]

I’m a White Man & my Child Will be Black {by John Chatz}

Reality Check – My Biracial Child Will Be Black I’m sitting at work the other day and one of my co-workers calls and we start talking about my wife’s pregnancy. “How’s she feeling?  Are you doing ok? How are all the kids taking it?  Have you picked out names?”  Etc., etc.  This is a female co-worker […]

6 Amazing Must-Follow Natural Hair Care Blogs!

#1 Keyative Styles – Tons of interesting and unique styles for newbies and pros!  ______________________________________________________ #2 Rockin’ it Naptural – Detailed product reviews, a variety of natural hair photos from around the web and tons of great features!  ______________________________________________________ #3 Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care – Great styles, informative and full of parenting guidance!  ______________________________________________________ #4 Tweeny […]

Bilingual Education Review: Criss Cross Mangosauce

We recently had the chance to review a couple of awesome Bilingual products from Criss Cross Mangosauce, a bilingual resource for programs for children. We were sent Chipi Chipis Small Shells of the Sea book. It is a father daughter story influenced by Venezuelan traditions. The author states that Chipi Chipis is a sort of small […]

Why You Should Protest the Arizona Book Ban

Why You Should Protest the Arizona Book Ban As I was on Facebook, I noticed a friend of mine had posted a link to a site called Censored News talking about Tucson, AZ and book banning. I figured it was still over the Mexican American cultural studies debacle since the state found that the schools […]

Happy Birthday, Dr. King

Happy Birthday, Dr. King He had a dream. Before my husband and I were even born, this dream included our family. Before my mother knew that her descendants would have brown skin, he dreamed for my children. His voice rang out so passionately about a day when “the sons of former slaves and the sons of former […]