Because Every Mother Matters


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Mothers Matter

My mother matters. All of my five sisters are mothers, and they matter. I am a mother and I matter. Are you a mother?

Think about this word – Mother. It’s really so much more than a series of letters that make a word…especially this word. “Mother” on the lips of her little children means God. She is the closest thing that their pure minds can fathom to a creator of life, a provider of comfort, an answer to all questions…the one. It doesn’t matter where in the world the child lives, the holidays that a child celebrates, the color of that child’s skin, or the texture of that child’s hair, there is one commonality that most children have with one another (or wish they had) – the sweet embrace of their mother.

Did you know that one in eleven women in East Africa die due to pregnancy related (and often times, preventable) causes? There are some places where as many as four in ten women won’t survive childbirth and if their children do survive…they will be orphans. Can you even imagine? If you lived there, and not here, who would it be? Your mother, your sister, your cousin, your friend…you? Let me put it into perspective. Here in America, the mortality rate is just a little over thirteen per 100,000 live births.

I live in a world where, although I was naturally concerned about my baby’s health, my daily preoccupations were about getting the crib put up in time, and whether or not to find out the sex of the baby ahead of delivery, and whether I should have my baby shower before or after the baby came, and whether I should use pampers, huggies, or clothe diapers…not if I would survive my transition into motherhood. My Lord, I find myself grasping for anything to even say about how different my reality is from that of many other women. I am speechless.

My every maternal cell screams at me to do something. To help somehow…but how?

Please, Women!  We cannot sit by concerning ourselves with the pink or blue details while our Sisters in East Africa are worried about basic and precious life. They want to carry to term, like most of us get to do. They want to nurse their healthy babies, like most of us will be able to do. They want to provide food and shelter for their children, like most of us succeed in doing. They want to laugh, and love…and live.

Giving Back – Because Every Mother Matters

help women in east africa

Because Every Mother Matters is a great place to start. Whether you want to sponsor a mama in Africa, through BEMM’s Mother to Mother Sponsorships, as she learns to become self-sufficient through support and education, or donate toward BEMM”s many great projects, including a Birthing Kit Program, and the establishment of Maternal Health and Child Development Centers – there is something that you and I can do!

Please stop by and read some of the stories, see some of the Tacky for Africa headbands, FunkyFish jewelry, or original artwork for sale to benefit this cause, or even just find out how else you can help! Just whatever you do…do something.

Ironically, I had posted a quote by Mother Teresa on the very day that my sister saw the same quote on the BEMM website. She had never seen this particular one before and then, within an hour, saw it twice. She is now the most recent to sponsor another mama in Africa…I am very proud of her. I hope now to also make her proud of me…

“We cannot all do great things but we can do small things with great love.” ~ Mother Teresa