Multiculturalism: Does it Nurture or Extinguish Diversity?

There’s a lot of debate circling around multiculturalism right now.  Recently, Europeans and even some Americans have begun to doubt whether multiculturalism is really the answer and have even claimed that the entire system has “failed”.  Some have called multiculturalism “the death of diversity“, while others believe that it signals the end of patriotism.  But, what […]

Tween Romance & Race: How Should I Teach My Kids About Colorism?

Teens Dating Race

Tween Romance & Race He’s at that age: the in-between age referred to as the “Tween Years.”  The first big sign that we had arrived in those Tween years didn’t come from him, though; it came from his best friend. “Mommy, D__ has a girlfriend!” he said. “In 6th grade?” I replied incredulously as the […]

My Dream Speaks Benefit Recap {Global Language Project}

My Dream Speaks Benefit Recap On April 18th, Global Language Project (GLP) spread the crucial need for language education in schools with a celebration of global culture through music, food, art, and fashion. Host and CNN Anchor Zoraida Sambolin and GLP Founder Angela Jackson educated guests about the foundation’s exemplary programs in New York’s most impoverished schools with performances a by […]

Facing Race 2012 – A National Conference on Racial Justice {November 15-17 in Baltimore, MD}

Event details and images via the Applied Research Center website EVENT DETAILS Facing Race 2012 November 15-17 in Baltimore, MD Keynote Speaker: Junot Díaz EVENT DESCRIPTION Facing Race is a conference like no other – it is the largest national, multi-racial gathering of leaders, educators, journalists, artists, and activists on racial justice.  Attendees share their […]

Undocumented Immigrants Paid $11.2 Billion in Taxes in 2010!

Undocumented Immigrants Paid $11.2 BILLION As many of us who participating in the immigration debate already knew, undocumented immigrants contribute a lot to this country.  In 2010, they contributed approximately $11.2 billion dollars, despite the fact that most Americans believe their being undocumented prevents them from paying into the system. The point is, the majority of Americans […]

Chingona Fest: A Women Empowerment Festival in South Texas {April 21}

What is Chingona Fest? While posting jewelry photos on my Facebook page, a good friend of mine and fellow writer suggested I sign up for the “Chingona Fest”  because they were accepting vendors. I was intrigued for one by the word Chingona in the title of the festival. Chingona can mean lots of things. It has […]

Swedish Official Cuts into Horrific Racist Cake While Onlookers Laugh {Jezebel}

Swedish Official Cuts into Horrific Racist Cake I DON’T HAVE WORDS FOR THIS.  Jezebel reports that a Swedish official cut into a racist cake depicting a stereotyped Black African woman in order to demonstrate the horrors of female circumcision. If that isn’t exasperating enough, there were a slew of onlookers laughing and happily taking pictures while guests […]

‘My Dream Speaks’ Benefit Reception in NYC Tomorrow! {Hosted by Global Language Project}

ATTEND ‘MY DREAM SPEAKS’ BENEFIT IN NYC! Head over to the Helen Mills Event Space & Theater in New York City this Wednesday, April 18th for a very special evening celebrating language education through fashion, art, and music! The evening, hosted by CNN’s Zoraida Sambolin features performance by internationally celebrated Les Nubians and a presentation by Mataano (who […]

On Unconscious Racism: An Explanation of George Zimmerman & Upset Hunger Games Fans

Unconscious Racism They used to lynch us. They don’t do that anymore. They used to buy and sell us. They don’t do that anymore. They used to call our fathers “boy” and send them around back. They don’t do that anymore. Now it’s unconscious, so all they have to do is think. Racism has gone underground, […]