Mixed Match Film: An Important Cause for Mixed Race Families

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Finding a Mixed Race Bone Marrow Match

For multiracial families, finding a bone marrow match is often a trying experience.  Bone marrow donors are in limited supply and the difficulty of finding a match multiplies when you’re a mixed race individual.  One of the biggest problems with finding donors is the fact that people just aren’t aware of how much multiracial donors are needed.  Organizations like Mixed Marrow hope to change this.  They’ve created an initiative to increase awareness nationwide and put more multiracial individuals on the donors list than ever before.

How will they do it?

The voices behind Mixed Marrow are putting a face to the epidemic.  They’ve run donor drives across the country, collaborated with groups like Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M), a recruitment center for the Be The Match Registry and the Puget Sound Blood Center, all in an effort to register donors and create awareness in their communities.

Now Mixed Marrow is taking on a new challenge.  They’ve recruited multi award-winning director of One Big Hapa FamilyJeff Chiba-Stearns, to help them produce a documentary film about the enormous challenge that multiethnic families face in finding donors.  The hope is that the film will be shown across the country and establish national awareness on the topic, giving more mixed race donors the opportunity to register and save lives.

Make this documentary a reality for mixed race families

Right now, Mixed Marrow and Jeff Chiba-Sterns are raising funds to complete and circulate this documentary on behalf of mixed race families.

You can find details and make a donation on their IndieGoGo page and follow production updates at www.mixedmatchblog.wordpress.com.

Please consider donating and sharing the Mixed Match donations page with your family and friends.


mixed race bone marrow donors

“Six year old patient, Maya met her donor, Roseanne for the first time on the stage of A3M’s annual benefit that celebrated their 20th year this year! Maya, of Indian and Caucasian descent, suffered from HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis) before finding her match, Roseanne, a donor from Hawaii. Because of Roseanne’s selfless act, Maya can be a normal little girl once again.” – Mixed Marrow


Why this story matters…

Too many mixed race families are struggling to find donors for the ones they love.  For their wonderful husbands or wives, their beautiful children and siblings and aunts.  Watching 6 year old Maya in the documentary clip made me think about what it might be like to be in this family’s position.  I have a three year old daughter…what if she was sick?  What would I do…what would I give to make all the pain go away?  EVERYTHING.

I would give EVERYTHING to make sure that my daughter was holding her daddy’s face five years down the road.  I would give EVERYTHING to keep her with me and experiencing life as it should be…taking delight in all things amazing and beautiful.  Any parent would.  This is what we do…this is what we LIVE for.

If you do anything today, please don’t let this story slip under your radar.  Consider what it means to these families and please reach out in whatever way you can.  Connect with Mixed Marrow to show your support, register with a bone marrow organization in your community, donate to bring this film into homes, medical centers and universities nationwide.  We must keep this message moving.

Above all, know that what you do today does make a difference.  ♥