Conservatives baffled at idea of white Hispanic people {Salon}

Hispanics can’t be ‘White’?

A recent article in Salon poked fun at conservatives who can’t possibly imagine that the term “White Hispanic” could make any sense in the real world.  In reality though, this term has be used often and probably for many years among the Latino community.  Read on for some snarky ‘liberal’ commentary.  ;)

Apparently conservative have decided that the liberal media, in their endless quest to smear conservatives as racist by forcing them to defend George Zimmerman, have now made the ludicrous claim that a Hispanic person can be white. That’s ridiculous, liberal media! Only white people are white! Isn’t that right, Victor Davis Hanson?

“The media then created a special rubric ‘white Hispanic,’ when its narrative of white-on-black crime was endangered by new information that Mr. Zimmerman had a Latino mother, although it normally does not use such terminology for others of mixed ancestry — Barack Obama himself being a good example.”

I think the argument here is that if the media wants to claim Hispanics can be white, they better also call the president a mulatto.

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