WATCH: Black Girl Married Japanese Man {}

Black Girl Married Japanese Man

Black Girl Married Japanese Man Recently, one of our contributors moved from New York to Japan with her hubby and has been keeping a really interesting video diary on YouTube of cool cultural finds and all things Japanese. Check out Tara of in this video where she explains why her mixed relationship works.  ;) […]

Looking Back at Our First Year & an Interview with Vanessa of {Podcast}

multicultural families

Looking Back at Our First Year Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with two awesome ladies and fellow contributors here on, Amanda from and Vanessa from  During the live, one hour podcast, we talked about the birth of Multicultural Familia, which coincidentally, started via a multicultural blog hop. What started […]

WATCH: The New American Reality {Univision}

Latinos are the new American reality I remember when this video made the rounds last year, it received a huge reception of applause in the Latino community.  I mean, here I am, a year later, and I am still compelled to watch it.  It’s never left my mind. Honestly, I think this is a brilliant piece of advertising from […]

DONATE: Charlie & His Imaginary Friend Children’s Book {3 Days Left/$148 to Go!}

Charlie & His Imaginary Friend Children’s Book Four years ago, Qimmah Saafir and Popephoenix sat down in a Barnes & Noble, flipping through children’s books with the realization that diversity was still so illusive in publishing.  Since they both have children, it struck them all the more upsetting that their kids weren’t being represented in children’s […]

Our Shades of Brown: Addressing Prejudice in Blended Families

This story first appeared on Florecita Growing Up So lately we’ve been a lot more involved in community organizing and since the kids are getting older we decided to start bringing them along to make sure we are not neglecting them in the process of helping others, or creating spaces that we would like to […]

Who Are You? Multicultural Families & Societal Perceptions

Multicultural Families & Societal Perceptions When I am by myself at the grocery store people see a middle-aged, kind of overweight white woman who needs her roots touched up, and dresses like she has a job that pays well enough—but not enough to be considered well-to-do. Being that woman gains me some respect, some positivity, […]

An Ideal Society: Believing in the Dream

racial unity integration dr. martin luther king jr.

An Ideal Society An ideal society – that is a beautiful concept, indeed. Ideal; while the term itself could indicate a standard of perfection, its excellence could also be assumed to exist only in the imagination. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. imagined, or dreamed rather, an ideal society that looked very much like the one I […]

Birthing A Skin Color: Looking Deeper At My Son

light skinned dark skinned colorism

Birthing A Skin Color Perhaps because my first child was born with a light complexion, even more so than my own, concerns surrounding skin color were not paramount during my first year of parenthood. Underhanded comments, questions of when the darkening would stop, or horrific labeling never occurred. She was allowed to exist in her […]