The Good & Bad of TIME Magazine’s Breastfeeding Cover

The Good & Bad of TIME Magazine’s Breastfeeding Cover

TIME Magazine’s new breastfeeding cover has people up in arms and it’s easy to see why.  Not only is she nursing a toddler, a known taboo in much of American culture, but she’s also sexed up in tight pants and a killer confident pose that almost says, “I’m anything but a mom”.

So what are we to make of this mom, known only as the “creepy breastfeeding lady on TIME”?

Well, here’s what we know.  Her name is Jamie Lynne Grumet and she’s the blogger behind I am Not the Babysitter.

Want to know more about her?  Follow Jamie on Facebook and Twitter.  Read her interview in TIME.

She is also the mom to two boys, one by birth and the second by transracial adoption from Ethiopia.  Jaime is an advocate for extended and adoptive breastfeeding and practices many of the principles of attachment parenting that are mentioned in books by author Dr. Bill Sears.

Now, that said.  While I think Jaime is probably a great mom and I respect her as another mom who appreciates attachment parenting.  I have to admit…this campaign is messed up.

Here’s why…

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  1. MariTereMolinet says

    I clicked on your page and couldn't find the post…too bad!! I don't know what you wrote but I can tell you that my only issue with this cover is that in no way is the pose natural and just helps perpetuate the negativity and ignorance in regards to breastfeeding! Time did it to get reactions and sell magazines, not to really present the subject of breastfeeding.