Lessons on Love & Familia from mi mamá {NEW LATINA}

Lessons on Love & Familia from mi mamá

I have many friends and family members who are mothers. There are times we all get together and I tend to stay a little quieter about giving advice or sharing too much of my experience. Sometimes I am over-critical of myself. I think it has to do with becoming a mother at a young age. Or maybe, it’s because just a little while ago I remember asking for advice or calling my mom to ask her for help, which usually reminds me of the privilege I’ve had in my support systems. I have been asked at times, “How do you do it?  How do you go to school, work, blog, raise children and still find time to be involved in their lives?”  Well, I usually just say I don’t know.  I’m just blessed.  But really, when I think about it, I was taught all my life that being a strong, caring mom is an essential part of my culture.  It’s part of the fabric of who I am as a Latina.  Knowing this, yet understanding that being a mom doesn’t mean giving up on the rest of my dreams, is a legacy that my mom has passed on to me.

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