DONATE: Charlie & His Imaginary Friend Children’s Book {3 Days Left/$148 to Go!}

Charlie & His Imaginary Friend Children’s Book

Four years ago, Qimmah Saafir and Popephoenix sat down in a Barnes & Noble, flipping through children’s books with the realization that diversity was still so illusive in publishing.  Since they both have children, it struck them all the more upsetting that their kids weren’t being represented in children’s books.

From this experience, a conversation unfolded that lead to P and Q ultimately deciding to publish their own book, thus Charlie and His Imaginary Friend was born.

Now they’re asking for your help, and they are almost there!  They have three days left to raise $148 to make this dream a reality!

Can we pitch in and help support them?

Learn how you can help by visiting their KickStarter page.