WATCH: Black Girl Married Japanese Man {}

Black Girl Married Japanese Man

Black Girl Married Japanese Man

Recently, one of our contributors moved from New York to Japan with her hubby and has been keeping a really interesting video diary on YouTube of cool cultural finds and all things Japanese.

Check out Tara of in this video where she explains why her mixed relationship works.  ;)



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  1. Whitney White says

    こにちは!お名前はホイとにーです。はじめまして!私も黒いアメリカン人。It was refreshing to find your link. I also lived in Japan (Tokyo) as an exchange student. I think it is great that you have decided to follow your heart. I just found out about you as I was reading the "Multicultural Familia" website. I will be reading your past post and following your blog.

    You may have mentioned this already, but have you made friends with any of the Japanese women who have interracial children. In Tokyo, at least, the number of Japanese women in high heels pushing African-Japanese babies around the city was mind-blowing. Their partners were usually men from West Africa who'd come to Japan as unskilled labors with hopes of remitting money back to the continent. The Japanese women seemed very lonely and confused about raising an interracial child. 何にと思いますか?どうゆう意見をありますか?Please personally email me if you want.

    • says

      It is a world-wide phenomena. One thing I’d say when raising mixed raced children is definitely let them own their heritage and not let anybody make them feel that they don’t belong and are outsiders, it is extremely important.

      The other thing I would say is that there is a lot of support groups internationally for caring for skin and hair with natural products..