‘Generations of Loving’: A Modern Loving Day Story

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Generations of Loving

My engagement to my husband was a family affair. When he got down on one knee and popped the question, I was already hugely surprised. But little did I know that our family and friends had gathered in secret for a surprise engagement party as well. It was actually the first time that his parents and my parents met. It was truly a new chapter in all of our lives. And while the sparkly new addition to my left hand was absolutely stunning, it wasn’t the most beautiful thing I saw during my engagement.

There is a picture from that night that is the embodiment of everything that Richard and Mildred Loving stood for. My family and my husband’s family gathered to take a picture together for the first time. On the left were my future in-laws: Chinese immigrants from Taiwan. On the right were my parents: my white mother and black father. In the middle holding hands are me and my husband: a Chinese man and a biracial woman.

Looking at that picture, I don’t take for granted that not so long ago, this marriage and others like it would not be celebrated. It would be persecuted. It would be taunted and teased and ridiculed. It would be criminal.

The incredible family that I’m building with my husband – this blend of ethnicities and nationalities and languages and skin tones – may not have been possible without the Lovings. My parents’ marriage, the foundation of my upbringing and my first tangible example of a union of two souls, may not have been possible without the Lovings. My very existence, what makes me beautiful, and the way I see the world may not have been possible without the Lovings. My future children and the generations after them will have such an amazing legacy of limitless love that may not have been possible without the Lovings.

So when I look at that picture, this amazing portrait of everything I hold dear, I’m reminded in a very real and profound way that I owe Mildred and Richard Loving my life.

biracial interracial couple loving day

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Like our wedding photos?  They were taken by the wonderful Serena Grace in Los Angeles, California.  :)


biracial interracial loving dayAlyssa Bacon-Liu is a new wife, southern California native, and wannabe world changer who lives with her husband in Los Angeles. She is passionate about justice, equality, anything sparkly, and reusable shopping bags. She blogs about life, love, and the pursuit of all things beautiful at allth1ngsbeaut1ful.blogspot.com. You can also find her on Twitter (@alyssabaconliu).




  1. Emmy says


    Mary here. While I have not had the -pleasure of meeting you yet, I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting and working alongside your incredible husband, Jon.

    I find your writing heartfelt and compelling. As a person who has enjoyed over 27 years in a marriage involving two distinct cultures, I enjoy reading what you have to say. I have found in my case that my husband's family has embraced me and loved me in ways I never knew within my own before our marriage. This is not to say I am not loved or cherished by my side of the family, however it is to say that love comes in many forms and the idea of how we can grow and change in it , is limitless.

    We have two beautiful children who appear to embrace life and traditions formed from our unique family life and experiences. Neither one can say, "I am white" or "I am Puerto Rican" and I have not witnessed any outward desire from them to connect exclusively with any one cultural identity. What this tells me is that my children are forming a place and identity of their own as citizens of the world and I am very pleased with that.

    Someday I hope to meet you, Alyssa. And until then I must share with you that I am in full agreement with Jon that everything goes better with bacon. I mean, what's not to love?


    Mary Rios

    • says

      Thank you so much for your comment, Mary! I'm so glad my words resonated with you :) I hope to meet you one day!

  2. says

    Beautiful story and beautiful family! I love that your families were both there, waiting to celebrate when he popped the question. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute to the Lovings <3

    • says

      Thank you so much for your kind words!! My engagement was such a special moment for so many reasons and I'm excited I had the opportunity to share my story with Multicultural Familia readers!