Interview with Author of “In Search of My Father” Shadé Ashani {LIVE TONIGHT 9pm EST}

Shade Ashani author of In Search of My Father

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Tonight’s Podcast Synopsis

Loving Day, Fathers & Relationships

On Wednesday, June 13th at 9pm EST/6pm PST, join us for a discussion about Loving Day, fathers and relationships.  We’ll be talking to Shadé Ashani about her book, In Search of My Father and her experience with Loving Day.

Shade Ashani In Search of My Father book about fatherlessnessAbout Shadé Ashani
Shadé (pronounced Shah-dee) is a Columbia University graduate who is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Health at Tulane University in the city of New Orleans. She has worked extensively in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention, is a Goodwill Ambassador to the Gambia and founder of the non-profit organization, Kids International. She is the proud sister to four siblings. In Search of My Father is her auto-biography and first published work.

Buy In Search of My Father for $13.95 on Amazon.

Shadé’s book is also available in Kindle Edition for $5.99.

Join Amanda (@MarocMama) & Chantilly (@BiculturalMom) for an open chat about Loving Day, relationships and fatherhood with Shadé.




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