Why I Love My Daddy – A Father’s Day Tribute

father's day tribute why kids love there daddies

Why I Love My Daddy – A Father’s Day Tribute

Being a father is tough, especially since fatherhood starts out a little rocky. First, fathers do not physically bring their child into this world after carrying said child in their body for 40ish weeks. Newborn babies typically are glued to their mamas, especially if they are breastfeeding. New dads can feel a little displaced, confused about their role, and pretty helpless. Quite frankly, they may flounder. A lot. However, children of any age need their daddies. They love and adore them, and have very fond memories of their daddies that they just love to share!

In honor of all of the fathers out there this Father’s Day, I decided to ask my friends’ children what they loved most about their dads.

Here are the top 12 responses from little ones who love their daddies!  Enjoy!

  1. My daddy pees standing up, which is way cooler than sitting down on the toilet all the time.
  2. My dad always gets food on the ceiling when he cooks, which is so funny.
  3. My dad can push me to the moon on the swings.
  4. My dad builds stuff with me like airplanes, cars, boats, trains, and places to hide our farts. (Editorial comment – I had no clue you could physically hide a fart somewhere! Lesson learned!)
  5. My dad can camp like no one’s business. He has everything, even the cool stuff no one else knows about.
  6. Daddy makes some loud noises with all his machines in the garage. If I get scared he holds me and kisses me.
  7. Daddy can tell a good story. Even if it isn’t true.
  8. My dad can cook anything. He even cooked a mosquito last week on the grill. We didn’t eat it but that makes him a great cook. I love him for feeding us.
  9. I love my daddy because he lives in our house. Dimas next door doesn’t have a daddy and I think that is sad. So I love him because he lives here.
  10. My dad makes me feel like laughing all the time. Even if he isn’t funny. He is just someone who will make you smile.
  11. Daddy comes home and plays with me while mommy runs around fast, fast, fast and does stuff around the house. We play hide and seek and I peek but daddy pretends he doesn’t know.
  12. My dad is a Marine so I only see him on the computer but he cries when he sees me. When he cries, I know how much he loves me.


Image credit: Flickr/Neilwill