To SCOTUS & President Obama: My Uninsurable Child Thanks You {HuffPost}

Supporters of President Obama’s healthcare law demonstrate in front… (Alex Wong / Getty Images)

To SCOTUS & President Obama: My Uninsurable Child Thanks You

No issue has ever drawn me into a two-hour debate on Facebook; last week’s Supreme Court announcement upholding the Affordable Care Act did it.

Voices of parents raising children born prematurely, or with disabilities, have not been the loudest in this debate. I want us to be heard now so that those of you clinging to old, Tea Party/Limbaugh-inspired rhetoric about how you have lost something (you know who you are), that it’s violating your individual freedoms, etc, can begin to realize that this decision is not about you. This decision is about my child, about a child you know, about a child or grandchild you might someday have, and about millions of others who are rejoicing with the recent SCOTUS decision confirming the constitutionality of the ACA.

First, a quick thanks to recognize the wisdom and courage of Chief Justice John Roberts on this, and the four others that voted with him. We parents of children with special needs are rejoicing today and are significantly less fearful of the future.

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