Michelle Obama Reflects on the Last Four Years {BlogHer}

Michelle Obama got your back defends women BlogHer

Our fabulous First Lady, Michelle Obama, recaps the last four years and share her hopes for the next four on BlogHer.com.  Check out what she had to say…

Four Years Later {Michelle’s Take via @BlogHer}

Exactly four years ago today, I wrote my first post for BlogHer. In that first column, I wrote about the kind of father and husband Barack is for the girls and me. I wrote about how he would fight to build an economy that rewards hard work and responsibility, ensures a good education for all our kids, and improves access to quality, affordable health care. And I wrote about how he’d put in place policies that make it easier for women to care for their families without having to worry about choosing between their kids and their careers.

Four years later, looking back on those words reminds me of how hard we fought and how far we’ve come since that first campaign. But more than anything, seeing those words fills me with pride, because they show that Barack keeps his promises. He said he’d have the backs of American women and our families. And that’s what he’s done every single day as President.

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