Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival 2012

Mixed Roots Film Literary Festival multiracial festival

Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival 2012

Two-thousand twelve was another fun and inspirational Mixed Roots festival in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.

Highlights from the movies and readings that I attended:

Friday evening was the beautiful and inspirational movie The Loving Story.

Saturday my daughter and niece attended the Apricot Brown reading and Workshop. Apricot Brown is a character modeled after Dana Solano.

The kids enjoyed the reading and had fun dressing up to express different identities.

Sunday was an emotional reading by Devin Hughes of his account with racism as an 8 year old. When Hughes took the podium you saw a tall man made of bricks and steel. A couple minutes into his reading you saw him transform into an 8 year old boy. He apologized for crying. This was his first reading from his new memoir, Contrast, that will be out this summer of 2012.

The racism he encountered was from his grandfather while on summer vacation. After his parents found out that grandpa said “So how is your nigger dad?” his parents cut off all ties to his grandparents and ended the summer ‘vacations’ to his grandparents’ house on the country.

Hughes explained after his reading that he had not fully dealt with the emotional baggage of the incident. He said that although he had been successful in business and life, that he felt his life was like “eating a tuna fish sandwich without enough mayo” – his life was full, but something was missing. He felt like he was living a shame of a life, and after having his kids, apparently he felt the need to express who he really is – both sides of who he really is.

Steven Riley of Mixed Race Studies, raffled off free books both Satuday and Sunday. He wrote about the books he gave away in his post here.

Another one of the highlights for me was the rap duo Fellow Rebel who performed during the Saturday night main extravaganza. They were fun, funky, hip, stylish, swaggerific and enjoyable; typical LA artists – full of unrecognized talent.  The were gracious enough to let us take a photo with them :)

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    Hi Glenn-

    Thanks for your kind remarks. I had no idea that I would get that emotional as I opened up a door that had been sealed many moons ago. The recovery process is ongoing with the release of the book last month. Take care and look forward to staying in touch.