Parenting Teens in Reality – Are We Crashing Dreams?

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Image: Flickr / Anna Bialkowska

Parenting Teens in Reality – Are We Crashing Dreams?

Last week I had one of those horrible parenting moments…the ones where you wonder whether or not you’ve scarred your child for life, knowing that someday there will be a therapist listening to her blame her mother for long-term issues stemming from that day of that moment when she said something awful.

Maybe it wasn’t that bad. Maybe it didn’t scar her for life. Maybe it was a valuable lesson.

Yeah, right.

Am I just talking myself out of the significance of it all? Did I crash her dream or give her a needed reminder of the realities of life? I guess only time will tell.

What did I say? Well…some words just bubbled out that I’d been thinking about for a long time. My thoughts are all jumbled up because of sports–sports in my house, sports in the news, sports sports sports everywhere. Add that to the fact that my eyes are always seeing the influence of race on society (once your eyes are open it is impossible to close them) and you have a recipe for pre-teen dream crashing.

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