WATCH: Teens Say It’s Time for a Woman Moderator to Host a 2012 Presidential Debate!

Teens say it's time for woman moderator at 2012 Presidental Debates

Teens Say It’s Time for a Woman Moderator to Host a 2012 Presidential Debate!

Emma Axelrod, Sammi Siegel and Elena Tsemberis are three high school students from New Jersey who are campaigning to add a woman to this year’s roster of Presidential debates.  After particpating in their schools Civics & Government Insitute they realized that it’s been 20 years since the last time a woman was included as a host in the Presidential debates.

“We were just absolutely shocked,” said Siegel of their discovery.  “It’s necessary that our country sees a woman in this prominent position, being visible on the political stage, asking the questions,” explains 16-year-old Elena Tsemberis in an email to the Daily Beast. “Having a female moderator at the debate will visibly show that women are being considered in the election process.”  []

The teens decided to take action and created a petition on that now has over 119,000 signatures.  The teens have reached out to both the debate committee and the Obama and Romney campaigns, but so far have not had their requests to speak on this topic acknowledged.

Sign the petition to add a woman host to the presidential debates.

Read more on The Daily Beast and New York Daily News.  Check out the videos below for more details.

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