On Gabby Douglas, Dominique Dawes & Brown Girls Everywhere {Nadirah Angail}

Gabby Douglas haters black woman gold medal olympics

Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

On Gabby Douglas, Dominique Dawes & Brown Girls Everywhere

I can do a cartwheel. That’s about it, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with then-teen gymnast Dominique Dawes. Not only was she beautiful and amazingly talented, but she was brown, and that means something to a brown girl who struggles to find her own reflection in the world. So, even though I wasn’t very athletic, I tuned in every chance I could to see my girl Dominique (and Surya Bonaly. She got BUSY on the ice!)

These two amazing young women reinforced what my mother had already taught me, that brown girls are just as capable as anyone else (and that anyone who dared say otherwise is crazy). That’s a powerful statement, an empowering statement, an absolutely-necessary-and-too-rarely-heard statement. That’s why Gabby Douglas is so important…

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