Redistricting Halted in Texas {}

Federal judges reject Texas redistricting plan Texas redistricting halted

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Redistricting Halted in Texas

Go ahead, tell me racism doesn’t exist. Tell me that it doesn’t play a role in the election process.

Fellow Texans, can you believe this?  I know you’ve been watching it for a while and feeling helpless to stop what seemed like an unchecked redlining of political sectors in order to benefit wealthy whites, but you can breath a sigh of relief now…at least for a minute.

Houston Chron reports today that “A panel of federal judges threw out Texas redistricting plans Tuesday saying the state failed to show the new political lines would not discriminate against minorities under the Voting Rights Act.”

You heard that right…federal judges saw this as a discriminatory act.  “Thank God!” – is all I can say.

The whole mess has been beyond ridiculous to watch unfolding (of course it’s discriminatory!)…I mean, did we seriously need to make this a federal issue in order to stop racist political redlining meant to cut Latinos out of having a voice in politics?  Really?

I’m glad it was caught (finally!), but what does this say about America…the fact that this was even allowed to happen!?

My point is…don’t be so quick to say racism and segregation are a thing of the past.  Don’t buy into the warm and fuzzy stories that claim “equality is here”.  It’s not.  Don’t be fooled…we are still a long way off from being a nation that treats it’s citizens equally.

This is a victory, but it’s a fight that should never have had to be fought in America… “The land of the FREE”.

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