Ask a Muslim: New Web Series Promotes Understanding of a Misunderstood Religion

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Ask a Muslim: New Web Series Promotes Understanding of a Misunderstood Religion

It starts with interfaith dialogue—the real, unstaged, not-necessisarily-PC kind. That’s what it takes to change public sentiment about Muslims. As it is, all the dialogue in intrafaith, non-Muslims talking to other non-Muslims about Muslims and Muslims talking to other Muslims about Muslims. The problem with that, though, is that it creates a hedge between what we (Muslims) know to be true and what everyone else thinks is true. That hedge has got to go. It’s messing with our rep, big time.

The documentary web series Ask a Muslim begins to trim that hedge. It allows non-Muslims to ask questions to… drum roll, please… real Muslims, not a so-called expert on Muslims, not a Fox News contributor who loves to tell outright lies on Muslims, and definitely not a random person who’s never even met a Muslim.

So if you’re wondering why Muslims _fill in the blank_, just ask.

Don’t assume.

Don’t ask another non-Muslim.

And please, whatever you do, don’t rely on the news. It’ll have you convinced we’re all nuts (and I assure you we’re not).

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Nadirah Angail

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