Russell Means, Gone But Not Forgotten {Argus Leader}

Russell Means dies, indian activist, native american activist

AP Photo / Marcy Nighswander

Russell Means, Gone But Not Forgotten

Native American activist Russell Means, who gained national attention as a leader in the American Indian Movement and rode that wave into acting and politics, died Monday at his ranch in Porcupine on the Pine Ridge reservation.

The 72-year-old Oglala was diagnosed in August 2011 with inoperable esophageal cancer that eventually spread to his tongue, lymph nodes and lungs, friends say.

“Our dad and husband now walks among our ancestors,” a statement from the family said. Means was married five times — the last to his widow, Pearl. He had 10 children.

Once dubbed by the Los Angeles Times as the most famous Native American since Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, the charismatic Means, with his dark braids, pursued a path of confrontation to turn the national spotlight on poverty and discrimination suffered by his people…

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